Livetech Drone Services North Wales | In-House Aerial Photography Coming Soon

Sky’s the Limit! Trusted Drone Services in North Wales

We find that more and more people are interested in drone aerial photography and videography services. Whether it’s for a promotional video, digital land mapping or property surveying, this is a service that we do currently offer through our partner organisations.

Drones have made previously unfeasible angles attainable thanks to camera attachments. Shots look fantastic on a webpage or in a promotional video on YouTube – it establishes a real sense of place, while showing how a property or location looks from above – making the most of the world famous North Wales natural scenery.

Livetech have spent over a decade bringing the best Web Design, Marketing, E-Commerce & Graphics to the North Wales region, we have been more recently expanding into the realms of videography and promotion.  

However, we will soon be offering drone services in-house! You may have heard of the various hoops you need to jump through to get a UAV operational in a commercial capacity.

Livetech HQ has been a little bit quieter this week – that’s down to Charlie being away from the office on a training programme. Training on a Civil Aviation Authority Approved Permissions for Commercial Operations course with an officially qualified NQE Organisation.

You may have seen Charlie out and about in the fields and mountains of North Wales, or his films and pictures up online, his video of the Great Orme in the snow caused quite a storm on local social media.

Charlie has been in Manchester undergoing an intensive 3 days ground school in drone piloting. Here, day by day, he was schooled on many various facets of drone operation.

Over the course of that time he’s been learning all about UK air law, aeronautical navigation, physics and safety procedure. At the same time as this how to effectively and safely plan flights, being aware of environmental hazards and conditions. Charlie has learnt that with the right planning you can perform aerial photography in almost any location.

With the skies divided up into various aerospace zones, it can be confusing to identify which areas it is possible to practice aerial photography in a professional capacity, with a range of different grades of aerospace slicing up our skies.                                                   

At the end of this intensive course and digesting a large amount of information, Charlie worked with a team of prospective drone pilots of all ages to research and plan a hypothetical drone operation – before sitting a heavy exam on all the stuff he’d been learning over the course of the week. We’re ecstatic to hear that Charlie passed the written theory test with flying colours.

The next stage is to get the Livetech Drone Operations Manual written, Charlie and Paul will be working hard on getting the company’s usage policy finalised. Once this has been approved by the CAA, Charlie will be getting up to Newcastle where he will perform a final flight test with the NQE, if he can properly brief the examiners on the planned flight and perform the necessary pre-flight checks and advanced manoeuvres, then after a short period Livetech Drone Services will be up-and-flying.


Check out some of Charlie’s personal work here for a preview of what’s to come!