Social Media Marketing

Social Media Content

If you are new to social media we can assist with content to populate your social media.

Increased Facebook Likes

With expertise at gaining you extra likes on Facebook.

Increase Followers

We have the expertise to help you gain more followers.

Cross-Platform Following

We help to increase the following on multiple social media accounts, including Pintrest, Youtube & Instagram.
Social media marketing is an absolute essential for your business to create a dialogue with savvy customers and it’s an activity which Livetech excels at.

At Livetech we believe in communicating across a range of platforms for marketing and as the social media market has progressed, so have we. With expertise at gaining you extra likes on Facebook or a potentially crucial followers on Twitter.

If you are new to social media we can set you on the path by supplying you with your own profile and content with which to populate it with in one seamless package across a broad range of platforms.

Analysing the way that search engines have progressed has kept Livetech at the forefront and it’s this kind of expertise which can bring your business exposure to a potential 1 billion on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter – just highlighting how important social media is in this day and age. Not forgetting Google Plus and other important social platforms such as Youtube, Pintrest and Instagram (to name a few).