North Wales Video Production & Photography

Video Production & Photography in North Wales


Video production, videography and professional photography is an important part of our North Wales marketing work. Our marketing campaigns are only as good as the content that we have to work with, so we have prioritized video as a core business competency.

Our commercial video services concentrate on obtaining clean footage that can be purposed for various online and offline purposes. Being able to roll out content very quickly is important and we are fully equipped to stream live via popular social media platforms if required.

drone filmingAs well as our in-house photography, video and drone photography capabilities we have very well developed relationships with other local specialists and videographers for larger productions for 360 photography and VR, that can work partially or fully under our direction.

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Quality, Engaging Content


We pride ourselves on creating websites that stand the test of time, but the pace of change of technology is enabling advances like the use of video and very high-quality images, as well as many other advancements in mobile approaches.

These features allow you to share your message and create a connection with the potential customer in a way not possible previously.

If it is more than two years since you looked at the structure of your website then its time to book an appointment with Paul at Livetech to discover what effective techniques may be applicable to your situation.

Check out more of our work on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3qG2fIxUhfIz0Q4RpD8g2w/videos