Web Design North Wales

Offering fast and responsive web design in north Wales to improve your visitor’s experience and more importantly, your results!

 Web Design Work in North Wales 

Web design that connects!

Each web design project is different but our focus on creativity, user experience and results is the same.

We design all our websites to the highest standards. As a company Livetech have over 25 years experience in the web design and marketing industry. We ensure that your website performs technically in terms of responsiveness, speed and SEO. We work with companies existing brands, and in some cases create a new visual identity based on their brief. So whether you are a well established company looking for a refresh or a new start-up, give us a chance to understand your needs and see how we might approach your project.

Websites designed to meet your requirements.

Having a website is now becoming a core component when setting up or growing your business. At Livetech we work with you to meet your business objectives and deliver a completed website that is not only beauitfully designed but delivers results!

Responsive Design

All new websites are built on a responsive platform, accessible on desktop, tablet, and smartphone for all popular browsers.

Conversion Optimisation

We work with you to refine the online customer journey to turn visitors into customers. We do this through compelling copy, appropraite graphics and calls to action.

Self Update & Training

All our websites are built on CMS Content Management Systems, so that you can ‘self update’ your web site. Face to face training to get you up to speed!

E-commerce Websites

We can design a full e-commerce solution which will allow you to sell your catalog of products online.


SEO Optimisation

We offer expert Search Engine Optimisation which will drive customers to your website.

Speed Optimisation

Your website needs to load fast, keeping the visitor engaged and also sending signals to search engines that this is a well built site giving great experience.

Looking for website maintenance?

Keep your website running smoothly with our comprehensive maintenance package.

  Web Design North Wales Process 

The Process.

Whilst every website is different each project has a set process to make sure the project fulfills its goals.

 Web Design North Wales FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take to build my website?

Every website design build is different – no two projects are the same. The scope of your project will depend on how long it will take, and we aim to give you an estimation after our initial meeting. A typical small 5-page website takes about 2 days studio time for us to build and will usually be completed over a period of 2 or 3 weeks. A larger ecommerce site might take 10 days to build and be done over 2 or 3 months. Projects can sometimes slow down due to waiting on additional information however, as a client you can help with process by prioritising delivering content to us and responding to any queries quickly.

What types of company do you do web design for?

We have worked with almost every type of business you can think of over the years, but also very active working for local government, law enforcement, charities and non-profits. Each client type will have its own culture, and we aim to be professional, friendly and jargon free with all our dealings.Our web design north Wales service has always been popular, but we work for many orgainizations nationally and some overseas too.

Can you redesign my existing website?

Websites do have a finite life before the philosophy behind one becomes outdated. We have found that our websites have had a longer than average life and when designing we have always tried to think ahead when choosing the different frameworks to build our sites on. We do a lot of website redesign work with different clients trusting us to do a great job and still be around when they need help later.

Do you work internationally?

We have several long-term overseas clients and with the ongoing development of video calling like Zoom, Skype and Teams mean that we can keep a high level of communication throughout any project lifecycle.

Will you offer ongoing support with our new site once it's launched?

Yes, we do. Website software modules and plugins have drastically reduced development times and offer fantastic features with automation too. The do need keeping updated though, usually for security but sometimes due to feature enhancements. Sites need to be kept running quickly too, to maximise user experience and search marketing performance.

Will my website work on smart phones and tablets as well?

All our sites are built with all the common browsers and platforms in mind. Often, we will adopt a mobile-first philosophy as so much of the web it used this way now. You can always be assured the site will look good; whichever way it is viewed.

Can you help me rank high in Google?

We put a lot of thought into how your website is going to perform in searches and on page optimisation is always part of our build phase. We also offer more comprehensive, link building, content marketing and social media services too.

How much does a website cost?

This is usually best determined by sitting down with you to look at a set of competitors to assess what will be involved in getting to the level you want to. We are always keen to work with clients’ reasonable budgets and try and make the project self-funding as quickly as possible. In this way the improvement to your business that the new site brings should quickly pay for our input.

Are there any other costs for my website?

During the build phase there may be licensing costs, typically for video or images. Sometimes premium plugins are used, where a one off or annual fee is needed. We would inform you of this during the specification and costing phase of our work. We operate a very popular and well appreciated web hosting service; this will also include email support too. This will be available to you.

What happens if I want to move my website to another agency?

Your site is yours to use and modify as you wish. You can move to another provider whenever you want. If the site has been developed with paid for plugins that run off our studio licenses you may have to resubscribe to these services on your own account.

What are the payment terms for the design and development of my website?

Ideally, we work on a 25% upfront basis, once the proposal has been agreed. Then with 25% payable after the full designs are agreed and the outstanding 50% payable when the development has been completed, launched and signed off.

What is WordPress that I hear about often?

WordPress is a platform that we build most of our websites on, you can read about WordPress websites. We like to use WordPress to put sites together as there are so many third-party plugins that make it very cost effective for you and great for the users too. It has become the industry standard way to build a website and as such millions of developers and end users know how to get the best out of it.

Can you convert my existing website to WordPress?

We can easily convert an older style site to WordPress. One of the big advantages of doing so is the ease of updating content on the site by you and your team. We are always happy to provide training or handholding as part of the process.

If WordPress is free, why am I paying for your services?

WordPress is a free platform to use, open source and developed and maintained by a community of enthusiasts/computer geniuses. We charge you for design and development services on top of this platform.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

According to Google themselves, they suggest that in most cases SEO can take between 4 months to a year to help your business generate meaningful volumes of traffic. In our own experience we have often seen much faster results, especially when there is a niche or local focus to the “keyword phrases” targeted.

What is web hosting, why do I have to pay for it?

Web hosting is needed in order to provide a place for your website to live online. The web hosting that we provide resides in a very large data centre, complete with a backup-generators, and military standard access control.

Can I buy my own domain?

Yes, choosing a domain name is a very important part of setting up your online brand. It is worth investing a good amount of time into finding the ideal domain name. We always favour .uk and .com domains as they give a higher level of confidence to the site visitor.

There are lots of other endings or what we call TLDs (Top Level Domains) to choose from though. Some have drawbacks, so do ask if you are not sure. We have also been involved in a lot of buying and selling of domains over the years and have helped our clients acquire already registered domains at reasonable cost from other parties.

Why are you called 'Livetech'?

Paul, the founder, first started out his web design activities under the style of ‘Live Solutions’, this was back in the late 90s. Always looking for efficiencies, he got tired of spelling out the comparatively long ‘solutions’ word in emails and liked the symmetry of Live and Tech. When the domain became available, he snapped it up and started to trade under the new style. Later on, Paul realised that both the company name ‘Livetech’ and his name ‘Paul Levy’ have eight letters. Its amazing what happens the subconscious!