Network Yacht Brokers

Network Yacht Brokers, a prominent player in the yacht brokerage industry, boasts a vast network comprising more than 20 offices. Livetech plays a crucial role in assisting and ensuring the seamless operation of their website and providing comprehensive marketing strategies.


The main objectives set by Network Yacht Brokers were: 

  • Responsive design that works cross-device.
  • A bespoke boat listing system which allows users to upload or pull boats in from a third party site.
  • A clean and simple layout for users to follow.
  • A bespoke broker and brokerage system.

Website Development.

The project commenced with a thorough consultation with the client to understand their website requirements. This initial phase was crucial to ensure a collaborative approach and the ultimate success of the project.

The design of the website emphasised simplicity, with a focus on utilising high-quality images. It was essential to create a user-friendly platform for easy navigation and boat listing.

In addition to ensuring cross-device compatibility, the website features multiple user levels, robust social media integration, and submission forms. The technology stack used included Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, and jQuery.

Livetech’s involvement extended beyond web development to encompass a comprehensive marketing strategy. This encompassed social media marketing and ongoing content management aimed at boosting website traffic.

The Result.

The outcome was a fully responsive website for Network Yacht Brokers, complete with the functionality for listing and selling boats, meeting the client’s objectives effectively.

We have a long and successful association with Livetech and have worked closely with them over the years to develop Network Yacht Brokers into the dynamic successful marketing group that it is today. We rely on Livetech to support our various web operations and ensure we have maximum visibility in the online marketplace.

Robert Woodward
Group Chairman,Network Yacht Brokers Group

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