Pale Wood Holiday Park

Pale Wood Holiday Home and Caravan Park is a picturesque getaway sitting on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Set in 43 acres of private woodland with spectacular views of the Dee Valley and Snowdonia, Pale Wood is one of the premier caravan and lodge holiday home parks in the area. 

Pale Wood approached us for a refresh of their existing website, as well as some video work.


The main objectives set by Pale Wood were: 

  • New modern design
  • Mobile first
  • Using existing branding
  • Video and photography
  • Emphasis on lifestyle and showcasing holiday homes for sale
  • Emphasis on customer journey
  • More calls to action to help with conversion

Website Development.

  • Modern Website Design: After thorough market research and competitor analysis, we designed a modern website with a mobile-first approach. The design retained key elements of the existing branding to ensure consistency while rejuvenating the park’s online image.
  • Visual Content Strategy: To emphasise the park’s lifestyle and showcase holiday homes effectively, we devised a visual content strategy, including:
    Professional Photography: We organised professional photoshoots to capture stunning images of the park’s natural surroundings, holiday homes, and visitors enjoying their stay.
    Engaging Videos: We produced captivating videos highlighting the park’s amenities, and the idyllic surroundings.
  • Strategic CTAs: We strategically placed calls to action (CTAs) throughout the site, prompting visitors to take specific actions like scheduling park tours, requesting more information, or signing up to the latest news.

The Result.

Our collaboration with Pale Wood Holiday Park in revamping their online presence, resulted in us creating a modern, mobile-responsive website that seamlessly integrated their existing branding. By incorporating visually compelling content, optimising the customer journey, and implementing effective calls to action, we not only enhanced user engagement, but also generated more leads and conversions. 

Pale Wood Holiday Park’s website now effectively captures the essence of the park, appealing to a broader audience and facilitating meaningful connections with potential buyers, ultimately boosting their business growth.

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