Providing Value – The Key to Success

We know how tempting it is to just shoot out a typical image of your company logo and a basic tagline like ‘we are the best business ever’ on social media or your blog posts – you might get a few shares on social media from supportive friends and family, but is it going to get some real interaction from strangers?

Probably not.

The key to success online, be it blogging, social media, video creation or just about anything else is simple – providing real value.

What do your Audience Respond to? Or what might they?

If you have been posting for a while, you are likely getting an idea of the kind of content that people respond well to, and get value from. For example, if you have a tourism-based business, like a holiday park or a hotel, and you upload a photo of the surroundings covered in snow – people love it! Or perhaps, you always get guests asking for recommendations for local attractions they can visit on their stay – so you start posting about this too.

Give Answers to your Audience!

Likewise, if you are e-commerce focused business selling, for example, say, bicycles… then there are 1001 things to know about bicycles, and every day, people around the world are looking to the internet to find information that can help them with a question, maybe they punch it into google, or they are just looking to be kept up to date with the latest information and trends of the cycling world – your job is to provide that value.

You would therefore think about common questions that people have about bikes and set out to make content that addresses these. Do your research, find the best version of what you are trying to make on youtube, the best, most well-put-together video on the subject, or the longest and most comprehensive blog post and then whatever this is, top it. We call this evergreen content, and this is the only thing that is worth posting online.


Play around with different formats and platforms, and have the awareness to know what works and what doesn’t.

Show off your expertise.

Take this approach with everything you post online – make it of value to the reader, be there for them when they have a problem, and they are more likely to use your services.

Set a schedule that you know that you can stick to.

Brainstorm some ideas of the kind of posts – be it videos, photos or articles, and make a list of ideas that you could bring to your online presence. It is better to make one piece of evergreen content than 5 pieces that no one will ever read.

Your New Mantra…

And that’s why your ethos when it comes to posting online should be – “What value does this have for the consumer?”

If you ask yourself that question regularly, then you won’t go far wrong.

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