How Important is Smartphone Optimisation in 2019? -

Smartphones have changed the fabric of society , the way we live our lives – and definitely the way we do business

If we went back in time 20 years, we wouldn’t even have smartphones – since then a lot of things have changed. I’m sure many of us can’t even recall the last time we didn’t use a smartphone for an entire day. Mobile smart devices and the mobile internet have been changing the way we do things and how we connect with other people.

Take a close look at how the mobile internet is drastically changing how we do things.

Nearly 70% of millennials say social networking apps are among the most commonly used apps on our phones – that means that Social Networking outreach is more important than it’s ever been.

Adults will spend an average of 3.35 hours per day on mobiles. In 2019 mobile devices are expected to surpass TV as the medium attracting the most user time in the US.

Although smartphone usage will continue to raise through to 2020, it may plateau afterwards. From here it will start to meet very heavy competition from devices like smart speakers, home hubs, and wearable technology which are expected to steal some of the mobile usage time.

There’s also been something of a backlash against the modern prevalence of smartphones, with some users trying to consciously use less and Google even releasing features to help users modulate their usage

The Smartphone revolution is under-hyped, more people have access to phones than access to running water. We’ve never had anything like this before since the beginning of the planet.

-Marc Andreesen, American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer.

Explosions in the availability of smartphone has expanded the number of internet users, we are now up to 3.2 billion users. 2 billion of these are in developing countries. The global broadband market is extremely lively – market penetration has increased 12 times since 2007.


A study was taken by the bank of America, they found that participants felt that they couldn’t go a day without a smart phone.

• 60% said it was more important than coffee.
• For 93% it was more important than a toothbrush.
• On average we check our phones once every 6.5 minutes.

Does that mean your website needs to be more mobile friendly? The answer is a resounding DEFINITELY.


The majority of human web traffic comes from mobile devices, rather than desktops which previously served as the dominant online portal.

The human body and mind have the innate ability to adapt to whatever it needs to, changing in order to take to what’s around it. As such it’s not going to be so important to remember and internalise information anymore, as google is at our fingertips, but to be able to process several forms of information at once and quickly make decisions.


How to Make Your Website Mobile Optimised

Here are some ways to help make your content mobile friendly. In fact, we need to think past the idea of ‘mobile friendly’, and into the domain of ‘mobile first’. What does that mean? How should our websites, content and strategy align to this mobile first philosophy?

Make it fast, speed has always mattered, but on mobile it matters so much more – did you know that according to Google ’53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes over 3 seconds to load’ – however the average time to load a mobile landing page is 22 seconds. This data is from the same source – Google.

Now there is clearly a problem here – or an opportunity. If you can make your website so fast as to load in 3 seconds or less, the competition will get smoked.

Be sure that your website is responsive, if you have an older build website the single biggest reason to update it is to make sure you have a responsive website for mobile platforms.

Make sure information is readily available

It’s important to make key information on the website easy for mobile users to access. It’s not enough to just have a fast and mobile friendly website, you need to give mobile users what they want – quickly.

This includes

  • Pricing information
  • Locations near them
  • Directions

Offer a short summary of what it’s all about, these should appear as a first paragraph to help people get the information they need quickly and easily.

With a Livetech website we’re going to build you a website which is perfectly optimised for readers whether on mobile, tablet or indeed desktop.