Alessandro - From Italy to North Wales - His experience -

We have been very fortunate to have Alessandro from Colli del Tronto, a small town in Ascoli Piceno working for us for the last few weeks. During that time he has done some amazing work for us upgrading various tourism marketing websites that we have. We hope you will enjoy reading below about how he got on with the work and his insights into the North Wales area!

Good morning to all, I’m  Alessandro I attend the “IIS E. Fermi” high school and thanks to my English teacher I’ve joined the “Erasmus+ REcircle” project that allowed me to live in North Wales for one month. In my class, three of my classmates went to Vienna (Austria) and one came with me, and he’s my roommate in Abergele. When they assigned the accommodation to all of us I saw that my host hadn’t an e-mail, and I felt like I was going to live in a medieval house. But it wasn’t so bad and our host Mary gave us a very warm welcome too. I was surprised from the beginning by the green scenery here. It is literally everywhere, and all the houses have at least a small garden or a small tree. Where I live, in Italy, it’s often hot, and in fact, I’m missing the 30 degrees heat.Here is very cold and Mary said to us that the real cold has not arrived yet, and I’m a bit scared about that.

 In Italy, if is written that a bus will pass at 7:30 you can actually leave home to arrive at the bus stop at 7:35 to take that bus 5 or 10 minutes later. They’re always late! Here, on the contrary, the buses are always on time like a Swedish watch (max 3 minutes late) and the driver checks your ticket for real! There’s also free Wi-Fi, I can’t ask anything more. Actually, I don’t use the “Arriva App”; I think it isn’t so good, I prefer the old-fashioned way – just checking timetables. I arrived here by airplane on the 17th, and I started working on Wednesday 20th at “Livetech”, a company situated in 16 Trinity Square in Llandudno that deals in web-design and web-marketing.Now I’ve been here for 3 weeks, so this is the 4th, and I’ve finished five websites so far (they’re not perfect obviously).I worked with software called “Word Press” and one of its plug-ins called “The Divi Builder”, that makes the job a bit easier.


With these you can create your own website; there’s an enormous quantity of different things you can do on Word Press, and it’s fantastic! Your website could become very good on this platform. There’s the main website called, (Croeso is welsh and it means welcome) from that derive all the websites about all the North Wales’ area. You can find all about what I’m talking on this site: half of the websites is being developed on the new platform with Word Press; the other half is already on the new platform. I transformed 5 of this websites (Chester, Anglesey, Colwyn Bay, Bala and Abersoch) during my work placement experience from the old to the new platform.I was inspired by Lorenzo’s job (a guy who did the work placement experience few months ago), it was very well done, and I tried to do as good as him.

All the websites have at least 5 pages: the first is the homepage where is written something in general about the city, here you’ll find 8 places that are mostly the most interesting in that area; the second is the “accommodation’s page”. There are all the hotels, B&BS etc in that specific area. The third page is about the attractions, so what you can and you must see in the city; then it’s the turn of the “activities’ page”, where there are all the things to do in the city. Finally there’s the “eat & drink’s page” where you can find the best pubs/restaurant or cafes in that specific city. In the bottom of each page you can find a table with all the websites of the nearby cities, plus the links to the Facebook and Twitter page of The websites are full of pictures of the area and they’ve got also some widgets such as the Met Office Weather Widget that show all the weather forecast of that city; another is the booking widget. They’re very well done. If you’re a tourist, you can’t miss these sites. Doing this job, I’m learning English but also the culture and tradition of these places in North Wales. I’m really glad to work for this company, with my own computer in the main room with all 8 of my colleagues, plus the Company Director Paul Levy. They’re all very kind and polite with me.

 Unfortunately, I’m gluten intolerant since I was born, so I can’t eat many kinds of food; as soon as I’ve arrived the first day, I asked to Mary if she’d remembered that I couldn’t eat some types of food. At the end of my question, she became pale like she was going to die. She didn’t know that, there were some understanding problems with the families, in fact, Francesco, Nicoló and Alessio’s host bought gluten free food. The next day we went to Tesco and we bought all the supplies needed for me, so it was all solved. Obviously, I’m missing Italian cuisine very much, and I don’t like here’s at all, but I always eat all that’s on the dish. I also ate a pizza in a pizzeria in Llandudno; it was very small but at least delicious.In addition to Mary, I’ve also known her son Daniel (the 24th was his birthday), he’s a bit shy and we don’t see him very often because he lives with his girlfriend right now. With all the guys that are here in North Wales with this project, we meet always in the evening at the Gwyndy’s (a pub in Abergele) and since 2 or 3 evenings, there is a gentleman not too old that is offering us lemonade – we don’t know why actually. All the people we met were very polite and we also found other Italians and Spanish guys.


Actually, I’m missing home (obviously not for the school), mostly my computer and few friends, but I’m really happy that I could have done this experience, I don’t think an opportunity like this will came more times in my life.

I just want to thanks to all here for allowing me to have this fantastic experience!

Grazie a tutti!



[Credit first photo: CC 2.0]
[Credit "view from Great Orme":  CC 2.0]