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Web Optimization and SEO, the view is not always clear, look out for the Panda!

Google decides who it puts high up on its search engines results according to set of complicated rules designed to give the user the best experience, this set of rules or formulae is called the ‘Google Algorithm’. From time to time Google makes changes to the Algorithm to take account of changes in the web (such as the increase in social marketing) or to head off unethical techniques that may have developed. The latest such updates to the Algorithm have been named ‘Google Panda’.

With the recent Google Panda updates many SEO agencies, digital marketers and website owners are having to take important steps to refine their SEO techniques to keep within Google’s strict and constantly changing parameters.

The latest Panda update unofficially dubbed Panda 3.4 continues in a long battle with poor quality or SEO aggressive websites, mainly in relation to unethical links and ‘black hat’ link building techniques.

Here at Livetech we abide by ‘Good and Best Practice’ methods instead of looking for instant results by using dirty tricks and keyword stuffing.  We have always acknowledged the fact that one day these dirty techniques would come back to bite you, so from day one we have continually  conducted our SEO techniques in a well thought out manner, making sure we put our clients’ needs first whilst also gaining the required results.

Listed below are the main changes that have stemmed from the previous and current Google Panda updates:

Anchor Text Links 

Due to many SEO companies previously ‘over using’ keyword dropping and keyword stuffing to try and gain higher rankings for their clients sites Google has now restricted exact-match keywords from 40% to 5-10%. Now website owners and SEO companies will have to include more genuine links even if they are not keyword focused as well as favouring keywords variations within the content.

More Emphasis on Social Sites

Google Panda 3.4 has boosted the importance of Google places and social media sites.  Websites that are generating a lot of interest on networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ to name a few now have the opportunity to gain higher rankings thanks to the impact and buzz of these platforms, Google has a long way to go with giving full weight to social content, so now is the time to get on top of your social media.

Serving the North Wales region and Chester & Cheshire, Livetech are equipped to advise on the above and other aspects of  online marketing.