We Cycle

We Cycle boasts the most extensive range of Electric Bikes, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Kids Bikes, and other cycling options in North Wales. Complemented by a bustling café and a top-notch workshop, it positions itself as the ultimate destination for all your cycling requirements.

Livetech supports We Cycle by providing continuous SEO services and managing their social media presence. Additionally, we helped them with the rebranding of their business which included a new logo, and signage



  • Improve search engine rankings through effective SEO strategies
  • On-going keyword growth
  • Develop a new logo 
  • Shop signage
  • Banner Design


SEO Strategy.

A strong emphasis was placed on SEO to elevate We Cycles online presence. Our comprehensive SEO strategy included:

  • Keyword research and optimisation to increase search engine rankings.
  • Content optimisation for relevance and user engagement.
  • Backlink building.
  • Local SEO enhancements to attract regional visitors.



Livetech worked on redesigning We Cycle’s signage for their Coffee Shop to align with the brand’s identity. The new signage conveyed a consistent and appealing visual message, enhancing the store’s curb appeal and overall brand perception.

In addition to the impactful changes made to WeCycle’s online presence, we also extended our design expertise to enhance the in-store experience. Beyond the Coffee Shop signage, we crafted in-store signage strategically placed to showcase products throughout the shop floor, creating an engaging environment for customers.

Furthermore, our recent design venture included a standing banner dedicated to showcasing the exclusive WeCycle Membership.


The Result.

The updated signage gave We Cycle a consistent and attractive look, making the store more inviting and drawing in more customers. Before, many didn’t even know there was a coffee shop inside, but the new Coffee Shop sign changed that and brought in a lot more visitors.

By using smart SEO, managing social media, and updating the store’s signs, We Cycle made big improvements. These changes made We Cycle stand out as the top place for cycling in North Wales, enhancing its brand and making customers even happier.

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