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Bike Showroom – Project Activities: Branding.

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We Cycle is so much more than just the largest bicycle showroom in North Wales. Gareth and Ewa took over the business back in August 2019, and they have worked tremendously hard to bring the business into the modern era. Modernising not only the store itself, but the entire business model.

They offer more than simply a place to view and test the latest bikes and accessories from some of the top brands in the world, whilst enjoying a coffee. The staff are all bike-savvy and have a real passion for their work, excited about being directly involved with cycling in North Wales.


  • To give the business a new lease of life, with a complete brand overhaul - new name, branding, values, logo, and shop front.
  • Overall modernisation of the online branding of the firm, keeping it consistent with the new offline branding.
bike shop north wales
bike shop north wales


Gareth and Ewa worked closely with us to create a more modern look for their business. Beginning with the branding of the business, the new name “WE Cycle” reflects their aim of being a central part of the cycling community in North Wales, and that everyone is welcome, no matter their cycling proficiency. “WE” also keeps with the original name of the shop – “West End Cycles”, so existing customers can still recognise the business. 

Our graphic designer set to work with the branding exercise, producing a range of appropriately themed and designed logos for the client’s to choose from. The chosen logo features a handlebar element whilst maintaining a certain sense of direction and even the inclusion of cycle lanes. The logo is incredibly versatile and can fit in well with practically anything, even on the bikes themselves.

The shop front was the next task; the big space available wasn’t being utilised properly. A bold approach was needed in order to do the shop justice. A difficulty we faced was lighting – from the outside the shop looked too dark, and it could look like it was closed to potential customers. We worked with Gareth and Ewa to highlight where the doors were located, and to portray the message that it is a bike showroom and shop through window graphics.


  • Modernised business branding which is consistent with the direction the business is going in.
  • Vibrant, versatile, fun and bold graphic design with a clear message.
  • Positive ongoing client relationship.
  • Currently onboard for our ongoing monthly SEO, digital marketing services.


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