PACT North Wales

The Brief

As a supportive community, the North Wales Police and Community Trust came to Livetech for a website which would help to encourage the submission of applications  and engage with voluntary groups and communities, in a bid to help reduce crime and fear of it in North Wales. Livetech designed a website where users can find important information relating to the trust.



  • A clean and simple layout for users to follow.
  • News & Events Feed Functionality.
  • Font increase functionality
  • Bilingual functionality


We began the process by meeting with the client to discuss their requirements for the website. It was important for us to agree on an approach to take the project forward and for it to be successful.

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In addition to being cross-device compatible, full social media integration and submissions forms. Some of the content used in the making of this site was Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX/JQuery.

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Final Product

As a final product PACT had an informative, simple website that can be easily managed through the content management system.

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A simple layout that is easy for users to navigate and provides all the relevant information needed for communities to submit applications with ease, which is PACT’s main objective.

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Social Media

In addition to the development of their website, our dedicated marketing team delivered a marketing boost to help get their community off the ground, and provided them with quality content to share with their audience for them to engage with easily.


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