Llandudno Pier

The Brief

The specification for the new project was to create a modern and responsive website that would capture the events being held in the area, to advertise new and existing concessions and the arcades. The new website was to be simple to navigate and display information clearly.


  • Use of dynamic, engaging high-quality imagery.
  • A professional design with use of vibrant colour.
  • Responsive design that works cross-device.

Great Images

Since Llandudno is such a popular tourist destination, it was essential to project the right message across in terms of dynamic and engaging imagery. Large, high quality images were used in the development of the website to promote an authentic image of the area and the charms of the attractive pier that is easily one of Llandudno’s top attractions.

GLS Plant Screen shot

Overall Design

The design used a colourful theme was used, inspired by beach huts – visual representation of our client’s expectations. The website was built using WordPress which is a content management system used to allow for simple editing of content. In order to build the website to the high standard it is at, our web developers used technologies such as Apache, My SQL, PHP, HTML 5, CSS and AJAX/JQuery to fit the needs of the specification.

Glyn Lloyd Equipment

Social Media

The website proved a vital platform for increasing the online presence of the Pier across social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram. In the first few months of the website being live the Facebook account received approximately 1000 likes.

GLs Plant

UX – User Experience

The structure which was decided upon allows all of the site’s users, regardless of platform (PC, mobile, tablet) to get to where they need to be in 2 clicks or less which proves an essential part to the bounce rating (which means number of people to return to the website). All navigation items were click through with no sub items, providing a simple user experience intended for those on the move.

GLS Plant Desktop View

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is becoming an essential part of web development and is vital to the success of new websites becoming a success. With a high percentage of website traffic coming through mobile/tablet devices on a frequent basis. The site is mobile, tablet, and computer friendly, and features a blog and gallery all designed to look fantastic regardless of which platform it is viewed upon.

Mobile View