Established Welsh Slate products and gifts since 1861 – Project Activities: modern and responsive: website design.

Inigo Jones Mock Ups


Inigo Jones is one of the biggest slateworks that produce Welsh slate products and gifts. Established since 1681 the slate workshops don’t just produce some fine goods but also is open to the public allowing them to see exactly how the products are produced. The Great Slate Tour and Café is popular with adults and children to experience a little bit of Welsh history.


✓ A clean, fullwidth design

✓ Responsive design that works cross-device

✓ Modernising a centuries old establishment

✓ Showcasing great Welsh slate products

Inigo Jones
Inigo Jones Slateworks


We met with Inigo Jones who was looking to revamp their website so that it was user-friendly and most of all responsive on tablet and mobile. The client also required that the website is bilingual for both English and Welsh but to maintain a modern feel throughout. The client also wanted to showcase all that is good about the slateworks including the fabulous products, workshop and café so they liked the idea of fullwidth images. We have made it so that the website is clean and easy to read as well as navigate through.


✓ A clean and simple layout that is also engaging

✓ Responsive design that works cross-device

✓ Use of high-quality imagery across the website

✓ Clear pages making it easy to find information needed

✓ A modern approach throughout whilst maintaining Victorian elements

slate museum


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