Book of You

The Brief

Livetech were delighted to work with Book Of You to develop a revolutionary new app for those suffering from Dementia and their families, along with a new website to promote the app. The Book of You app is based on reminiscence therapy and allows people with Dementia and their families to create memory books to be used on tablet device that anyone can share and enjoy or keep just for themselves. The technology allows the option of complete privacy and is extremely easy to use for an audience who may have no experience with computers or tablet devices.

We found Livetech we the perfect partner for us to develop our innovative product to help People with Dementia. The company are large enough to cope with all our demands and small enough that we have direct personal working relationships with the key staff.
Tom Barham

Cofounder, Book of You


  • A clean and simple layout for users to follow.
  • Create system for users to add images, videos and music.
  • Responsive design that works cross-device.
  • Multiple levels of access for users.


We began the process by meeting with the client to discuss their requirements for the application. It was important for us to agree on an approach to take the project forward and for it to be successful. The application would support users in remembering aspects of their life through the use of digital media.

Book of you


In addition to being cross-device compatible the site features various user levels, fully social media integration and submissions forms. Some of the content used in the making of this site was Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX/JQuery.

Book of you

Final Product

Book of you is now a widely used application among those diagnosed with dementia in use with  reminiscence therapy. It allowed its users to share memories and have fun in the process.

Book of you


In terms of the design and layout of the application, to meet the requirements of the client it needed to be easy to use from the user point of view. The layout focused on the media so it was kept to a minimum to avoid the application looking too busy.

Book of you

UX – User Experience

We created an easy to use platform which allowed the user to upload videos, images and music relating to their life. In the specification for the project it was an essential part for the user experience to be simple, as the target audience would have a limited knowledge with the use of technology. We added functionality such as re-ordering pages through ‘drag and drop’ with minimal effort to add media.

Book of you