Andrew Newton Hypnotist

The Brief

Hang on to your seats folks, and avert your eyes from the Svengali like glare of the ‘World’s most Experienced Hypnotist’! Seriously we were thrilled to be asked to provide a full online presence for Andrew Newton (the guy that also trained Paul McKenna)! The site provides lots of insights into this most fascinating of subjects. Andrew has a extensive portfolio of digital download media which were were able to make available to release their full revenue potential.


  • A clean and simple layout for users to follow.
  • Eye-catching custom home banner.
  • Classic colour scheme.
  • Social media implementation.


We began the process by meeting with the client to discuss their requirements for the website. It was important for us to agree on an approach to take the project forward and for it to be successful.

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In addition to being cross-device compatible the site features various user levels, fully social media integration and submissions forms. Some of the content used in the making of this site was Linux, Apache, My SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS, AJAX/JQuery.

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Final Product

As a result Andrew Newton has a website that is easy for users to navigate with a professional design and colour scheme.

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For the design of the website it was kept very simple with clear navigation and a sleek, dark colour scheme.

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UX – User Experience

The website provides a simple to follow UX with horizontal navigation and a clear layout.

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