How to Create Keyword-Rich SEO Content

If you feel as though you’re not creating content with enough SEO juice, this article is for you. Many people out there struggle with managing to write content in the first place, never mind making sure if it’s keyword-rich. Here are some top tips to help you create keyword-rich content.

How to Rank Higher on Google
– Choose the right keywords
– Look for potential niches that you can stand out in
– Integrate, or ‘sprinkle’ these chosen keywords into your content
– View SEO as an ongoing process, not a quick fix

Choosing the Right Keywords
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is the process of purposefully writing your content in order to rank highly on search engines for your specifically chosen keywords. Writing keyword-rich content not only appeals to a higher search engine position, but also to your prospective customers.

You’ll want to focus on the right keywords, or all your hard-work could be for nothing. Use these simple methods:
– Think, and write down a list of keywords that you would associate with your business.
– Put those words into Google and see what it comes up with for related searches.
– Imagine yourself as a prospective customer, what words are they likely to associate with your business?
– Look at your competitor sites and see what words they are targeting.
– Use a keyword research tool to help you find additional related terms.

It is extremely important to come up with good, relevant keywords.

Look for Potential Niches to Stand Out In
In the early days of the internet, it was much easier to target general phrases – these days the search terms are so saturated to succeed with this strategy. A better approach is to search for niches – these allow you to use long-tail keywords in your content. A long-tail keyword contains at least three words and targets a specific demographic, rather than mass audiences. They are often less competitive than the general phrases, which makes improving rankings a bit easier.

Make reference to your long-tail keywords in your headlines and body content. Search engines see words, so include plenty of informative content that will help your page be considered a relevant match for search queries.

Sprinkle in Your Keywords
Once you’ve created a list and done your research into appropriate keywords, the next step is to integrate or ‘sprinkle’ them into your content. The trick is to do this subtly, so as to not distract or put off your reader. Work the keywords in naturally, don’t force it!

Finally, View SEO as an Ongoing Process
SEO doesn’t have an on or off switch, it’s not black or white. A better, healthier approach is to regard SEO as a competition. After all, your website is competing against other sites or web pages that are also targeting the same niches and keywords. A combination of ongoing factors will keep you in the SEO race, you need to keep working on multiple fronts in order to achieve results.

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