Email Marketing

Since the inception of the World Wide Web, there’s been one form of marketing which has stood the test of time and that is email marketing – still one of the most effective ways of spreading your message to a mass audience.

Whether you’re trying to keep old customers in the loop with your most recent offers and advertisement or trying to convert new ones, there’s nothing more powerful than a well-balanced and informative message in an inbox to garner someone’s attention.

At Livetech, we specialise in promoting your brand or business through the use of newsletters: a form of email marketing. Correctly used email is a very powerful way of keeping in touch with a client base or qualified prospects. We can design a newsletter layout, help you write the messages and mail out to your clients. We can ensure that you comply with best practice throughout (including GDPR compliance), ensuring your message will be welcomed and any unsubscribe requested are dealt with efficiently.

It’s not purely just about spreading a message however as email marketing is a great asset when it comes to maintaining and building upon customer relations . It’s important to follow best practice so as to not come across too spammy but highly relevant and useful, therefore splitting lists into interest groups or segments is essential.

Livetech can work with you based upon other areas of web marketing to bring in the right audience. From there, we can assist with any queries or even clue you in on how to achieve the best from your e-mail marketing campaign to bring the best volume of traffic to your pages.