Wordpress 5.0 is Released into the Wild - but Don't Click that Update Button Just Yet! -

The content management system behind many of the websites that we have created and manage and has a brand new software release today with the release of WordPress Version 5.0 – Project Gutenberg!

wordpress_gutenberg_layoutWordPress 5.0  is packed with useful updates but has some fundamental changes when it comes to the way that the software works with existing plugins and layout template systems. As such we are recommending that clients hold off on trying to do any updates, as these will need to be done carefully on a site by site basis to ensure that nothing breaks with the style of the site or other important functionality.

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The drawback of relying on a platform is that when the platform changes, any customizations or extensions must keep up, or they may break. The flagship feature of WordPress 5.0 is a new editor, known as Gutenberg, It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago.

johannes-gutenberg-with-printing-pressIt is rare that we find WordPress has any drawbacks and in this case, holding off on updating should not be a problem as the update is not to address any fundamental security flaws. Do give us a call for a chat on 01492 591131 if you would like to chat through any of the points above.

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