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Web Based Software

This is where a software application is accessible from anywhere via a web server and the users web browser. These applications are very flexible and cost effective. Typically using PHP/MySQL techniques hosted on Linux hardware … more applications

Installable Software Applications

This type of software is most often  installed on a Windows based computer. Written using .NET technologies, this software is slower to develop because of the highly structured methods required and also the extensive testing to ensure the application will work reliably on different computers … more applications

Mobile Applications

This is a very current area of work with the huge growth in use of Apple and Android mobile devices …more mobile



Welsh Mountain Zoo – App Map Guide

We have recently launched a new interactive mobile app, in collaboration with our clients the Welsh Mountain Zoo, to enhance the experience of zoo visitors using smartphones.

The mobile app enables visitors to gain even more knowledge about the animals and enclosures around them as they explore the exhibits at The Welsh Mountain Zoo.

The app uses some of the latest technology, including NFC (near field communication), which many will have encountered as the technology behind contactless payments.

Visitors to the zoo can either scan a QR code, found at various locations along the zoo trail, or follow the NFC procedure to unlock fascinating extra information about the animals at the zoo.

Everyone with a smartphone can now benefit from a truly interactive experience with this completely FREE mobile app when they next visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Featured in North Wales Pioneer


Red Squirrel Trust – App Map

The main feature of the app is to help people record squirrel sightings. If you spot a squirrel you can log on to the app and report it instantly.

It allows people to engage with Red Squirrels Trust Wales and share and access information.

People can log into the app and find out where the red squirrels are. The app is for both iPhone and android. It has other features as well such as information about red squirrel conservation work and a news feed. It is also connected to the Red Squirrels Trust Wales twitter feed.

The app focuses on North West Wales, but it could be easily rolled out to the rest of the UK.

The app is fully integrated with the trust’s website which we also designed. This means that you only need to upload the information once for the app and the website to be updated.

Featured in the Daily Post

London Pavement Geology – Mobile Website

A mobile website designed to guide London visitors around the city, exploring the wealth of geology displayed on the building facades, is proving to be a big hit.

The mobile website ‘London Pavement Geology’, an urban geology project, allows you to explore the capital, touring the streets and identifying over a thousand rock specimens.

Due to the financial wealth of London over the centuries at the time when the city was constructed; rich merchants, the clergy and government would take their pick of the best and most interesting stone from around the world.

The website is of interest to anyone who enjoys history, geology or geography and is looking for a new dimension when visiting or living in London.

Featured on BBC News