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Custom application development and software design services can be invaluable for any company looking to streamline its operations and work more efficiently. Often ‘off the shelf’ applications are not suitable and they need to be modified or custom built. We do offer a consultancy service in addition, that we try to determine if a stock application will do the job you are looking for. We have a comprehensive Mobile App offering.

Below we have listed some recent interesting custom projects. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Collection and Analysis

Working with a local environmental company, Cad Recycling to ensure proper use of council recycling refuse sites throughout Denbighshire.


Make use of continuously collected data using dedicated ANPR software and cameras located throughout Denbighshire County.

To allow reporting, analysis and tagging of individual vehicle registrations.

To inform in site staff when a flagged vehicle has come on to site so appropriate action may be taken.


Using FTP software located on client machines at each site, we were able to ensure ANPR data (text and photos) are uploaded to a central resource. Once in here data is loaded into a master database.

Vehicles are flagged using a web interface and when a flagged vehicle comes onto site the staff are alerted via a variety of methods including SMS text message.
Livetech Verdict

This is a classic example of how a web based approach can offer advantages that would not be available using traditional approaches. Web technologies allows staff at multiple locations to login to access reports and data.

Easy Monitoring – Utility Bill Monitoring Software

Working with a local energy monitoring company, Eze Monitoring to develop a web based application and website that would allow agents to sign up customers through multiple levels and assign commissions.


Work with key staff at Eze Monitoring to develop fuctionality to allow agents and customers to enjoy utility monitoring services. The service reveals the extent of overcharging and undercharging within the utility supplier industry and the negative impact this has on the smaller businesses involved.


Making use of Linux technologies including PHP and MySQL to develop a comprehensive web based application. The software is based on a cloud hosting infrastructure that allows scaling up of the application as the product is sold more widely.

Livetech Verdict

The techniques adopted allowed a very flexible development methodology and for the client to meet key management and client driven deadlines.

The software has subsequently been successfully sold using a variety of agents and partners.

The development was subsequently successfully handed over over to the client in February 2010 and developed further by them in house.

Balance Your Bobbies

Working with North Wales Police, to create and develop an easy means for the public to engage with their local Police Force and let their Policing priorities be known.


We were approached by North Wales Police to realise an idea of theirs called Balance your Bobbies. The brief was to create an easy way in which members of the public could let their feelings be known on a range of Local Policing priorities.


The site was programmed in HTML with the back end programming using Microsoft .NET technologies and features extensive use of XML feeds to pull in information from other sources.
The users are guided to their ward based on their postcode or location, and can offer anonymously opinions on where the police should target their resources. The results are updated ongoing on both a Ward & District level.

Livetech Verdict

Balance your Bobbies is a fresh and innovative way of enabling members of the public in North Wales, to engage with The District Inspectors, and inform them of their community policing wishes and priorities.

Livetech are delighted to have provided all the technical and programming expertise for this ground breaking online project. We are fast becoming recognised and respected as web development company that has the breadth, Knowledge and technical expertise required to develop individual online web applications.

Balance Your Bobbies

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