'Livetech Air' - North Wales CAA Approved Aerial Photography using Drones -

Our vision was to provide professional, high-quality aerial photography at affordable prices. We saw relevance of drone photography and paired with the unparalleled natural majesty of the North Wales countryside we found the opportunity irresistible.

We’re delighted to announce that Livetech are now North Wales  CAA Approved Drone Operators, having received our PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operations) and are now providing drone aerial photography and videography services at affordable rates.

It’s our responsibility to comprehensively plan, assess and execute drone operations in accordance with the specific requirement of each flight area.

There are various applications for this type of approach, see the list below for ideas.

Aerial Photography

Aerial images look absolutely fantastic, perhaps you would like a bird’s eye view of your property for promotional purposes, see the property from a fresh perspective.

Aerial Videography

Using careful flying and camera work, our skilled drone pilots can capture professional steady, seamless, high-quality footage which looks absolutely awesome online when combined with our web design and web marketing services..

Digital Land Mapping

Using the latest in computer software we are able to construct to scale 3D maps and models of land, these are invaluable in estate and asset management.


Surveying ‘the old fashioned way’ can involve sending workmen into dangerous situations so that they can inspect a difficult to access area. Well, with the help of our drone we can offer a service in which we use a drone to survey the object remotely. Whether it’s property, machinery, storage facilities or much more, drone surveying the safest and most cost-effective way to survey.