WE Cycle Rebranding

At Livetech we do a lot of work for local businesses including for the new business owners of West End Cycles in Llandudno Junction, one of the biggest bike shops in North Wales.

Gareth and Ewa asked us to give the shop a new lease of life with a complete overhaul working with them to come up with a new name, brand values, logo, shop front and website.

WE Cycle

The name WE Cycle reflects the clients aim of being part of the community and that everyone is welcome, no matter the ability. “WE” also represents the original name “West End Cycles” too so existing customers can still recognise the shop. After, we then got to work with securing the relevant domain names and creating a new logo.

The new logo features a handlebar element whilst maintaining a sense of direction and even cycle lanes. We feel the logo is very versatile and can fit in practically any scenario including on bikes themselves.

WE Cycle
WE Cycle
WE Cycle

For the shop front we thought about how such a big space can be attractive to a passer-by. We looked at other larger shop fronts and decided that a bold approach will do the shop justice. One difficulty the shop owners had was that from the outside the shop looked dark and to potential customers it could even seem like its closed. So, we worked with Gareth and Ewa to highlight where the doors were and portray the message that it is a bike shop by using window graphics.

Eventually the business owners would like the shop to be a hub where anyone and everyone can pop in for a chat and a coffee and share their love of cycling which we feel we have gone in some way to help get that message across with the vibrant and fun graphic design.

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