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Micro Budget but Need Maximum Results?

Sounds nice doesn’t it! That’s what we thought, based on our eight years experience in this sector and it is why we built minisite™.

You need a spot on web presence with the “essential” elements of being able to change words and pictures yourself, tracking the visitor statistics of individual pages and access to a top notch support team.

Create Effective Website – based on our logical structure and tools. You work with an experienced developer who really understands your marketing message and lead generation.

Change Content – Any time simply by logging in and pressing a few buttons along with a few well measured clicks. In technical terms we call this a CMS (Content Management System). Our CMS is as simple as they come.

Visitor Statistics – Ever heard of the expression, “What gets measured, gets done”? We give visitor breakdowns on each page, login to check or simply wait to have the stats e-mailed to you periodically.

Build Traffic – We have engineered the whole minisite™ system to be effective from top to bottom and consider it not to be a website system but a web marketing system. No one needs just a website, they need good qualityvisitors who act in response to a clear message.

It’s all about Your Return on Investment – with the Internet (the ultimate selling tool) this should be really fantastic…..right?

minisite™ Editions

1. minisite™ Starter
Our minisite™ Starter edition is for small start-up businesses, clubs and sole traders. It provides an excellent tool to create a simple, but powerful, one page website, designed from printed materials, that are incorporated into your website.

2. minisite™ Basic
Our minisite™ Basic edition is for established businesses that need a structured promotion on the web for their business. It can also be used as a simple and quick way to launch a new brand and/or product. It provides an excellent tool to create a simple but powerful website, designed from your existing or new materials.

3. minisite™ Advanced
Our minisite™ Advanced edition is for businesses that regard their website as a strategic tool for promotion. It provides an excellent tool to create a multipage website with a sophisticated navigational structure, designed from your existing or new materials and using banners, flash animation and advanced statistical tools.

4. minisite™ Premium
Our minisite™ Premium edition is for medium to large businesses that need a custom made attractive website with a lot of features, such as downloadable files, animations, forms, etc., yet still want the cost effectiveness, ease of change and advanced search engine optimizationof the minisite system. It provides an excellent tool to create a custom built website template exclusively for your company.

A modest monthly subscription applies for ongoing management, hosting, support and use of the full system. Full training and hand holding is a common element at all levels.

We accept all major forms of payment, including Paypal, Credit and Debit Cards and AMEX.

Our main minisite™ resource can be found by going to