Livetech Elf Day 2017 | Alzheimer's Society

Throughout the year we work tirelessly on our client’s websites, creating the perfect online presence for their businesses, brands, and identities – toiling ceaselessly at our headquarters at 16 Trinity Square to create unique websites that both benefit, and are adored by, our clients – as well as adding value every step of the way.

We’re taking it even further on December the 8th by dressing the part, unleashing our inner elves and partaking in Elf Day in order to raise funds in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society – a registered charity which raises funds for those living with dementia, and those affected by the condition.

alzheimers-societyIn addition, the Alzheimer’s Society invest heavily into dementia research in the hope of eventually finding a cure, as well as influencing and lobbying in the present day to change the way that those with dementia can be stigmatised in society. The Alzheimer’s Society is also responsible for over 3000 services across England, Wales and NI- all intended to teach those living with dementia methods of living well, and also promoting the fact that they’re not alone.

Dementia is a troubling condition. Figures published by the Alzheimer’s Society show that there are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK alone, and this figure is projected to rise to well over 1 million in only 7 years. By 2051, this figure will be 2 million. That’s one person developing dementia every three minutes. Quite frankly, it’s a terrifying thing to live with dementia, but there’s an organization out there making it their mission to ensure no-one has to face it alone.

he Alzheimer’s Society provides a very much-needed service which is often considered a lifeline by those who live with dementia. They do incredible work across the UK, and we’re pleased to support such a worthwhile cause.

In the past, we’ve partnered with notable organisations such as Book of You – by creating a unique app to be used by people with early-mid stage dementia. We created an easy-to-use app which brings to life the story of the person with dementia, and allows them to share their life memories.

alzheimers societyLiving well with dementia is imperative, and the Book of You app helps people to do just that – now a widely used application among those diagnosed with dementia, in use with reminiscence therapy. We still work with Book of You in their endeavours to provide ways to live well to their service users, and we understand the importance of living well with dementia.

As part of Elf Day, we’re roping the boss into the fun as part of the Alzheimer’s Society Elf the Boss Challenge, which involves dressing Paul in his festive best. In order to help Paul become his best Elf (…Get it?) we’re asking for donations for the Alzheimer’s Society, to allow them to keep doing the amazing work they’re doing. We need your help to raise funds for this fantastic charity in the spirit of Christmas.

Our JustGiving page can be found right here, and whether you can spare a large or a small amount of money, we would like to thank you for helping us assist such a very good cause.