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In the late 90’s when the internet was just taking off, blogging became somewhat of a phenomenon to help businesses reach their customers online. Some 20 years later, everyone from influencers to stay-at-home mums use blogging for a multitude of reasons. It is found that marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 x more likely to have a positive ROI.

To create a blog is simple, but how do you maximise lead generation when someone hits your page. Here’s how.

In Text CTA’s

in text cta

It’s simple really, a CTA (call-to-action), is something in your blog post that makes the reader perform an action whilst they are on your page. Next time you are writing content for a blog post why not try to include a link in the text of your post.

“Hello” Bars

cta banner

One of the most popular ways to generate blog leads today is by making use of the “hello” bar.

This type of CTA helps to drive traffic to specific pages without taking up your entire screen. If users decide to not click on the bar, this bar will then continue to follow them as they continue to scroll down your blog post.

The “hello” bar can also be used to build your email list by getting others to subscribe to your newsletter or sign up to view an offer for example.

Exclusive Content

pop up

More and more as you go onto a website you will have a pop up which offers free ways to help you improve your business, but it will require signing up first.

The catchier and more exclusive the content you are offering is the more likely you are to entice others to input their email address. 

If you offer more exclusive content about the same subject matter as the post in which it appears, users are more than likely to want to read more. Face it, everyone loves the word FREE!

Welcome redirect

Welcome redirect can target all users to a particular post that can be valuable to all your customers. These will look similar to exclusive content CTA’s. Be careful though as this more “in your face” tactic may put some users off and can be really irritating. Make sure that you always use A/B testing to make sure that it is actually helping your conversion rates rather than damaging it!


offer cta

A brilliant way to get your customers more engaged on your e-commerce website is to offer perks. Many businesses do this by giving away discounts for those that subscribe to their newsletter which can then carry on sending you perks in the future, driving you back to their website. Clever ay!

Slide in CTA’s

slide in cta

A slide in CTA is basically a pop up that slides in at the bottom corner of your page which may invite you to view a different blog post based on a similar subject.

Slide in CTA’s can be scheduled on a timer basis or as a user reaches the bottom of a blog post, targeting only those who have an invested interest, rather than creating an annoyance to those who may have clicked on the post by accident.

This can be particularly annoying if you are trying to find the right page and a pop up like this one appears.

These pop-ups require you to click the “x” before you can continue to navigate your way around. Use these with caution and don’t overload your website with them.





How To Maximise Lead Generation On Your Blog
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How To Maximise Lead Generation On Your Blog
Find out how you can maximise lead generation on your blog by using handy calls-to-action in different ways to draw users in.
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