Guess Who are Nominet's Latest Members? -

Nominet are the non-profit body that allocates the .uk top-level domain used in web addresses in the UK. Most people will be familiar with the domain extension used with for-profit projects and the used for non-profit, recently .wales and .cymru domains have been made available too and again it is through Nominet that allocation of these is controlled.

Nominet that its members are highly influential in forming UK policy over the running of the Internet and guiding it the right direction to serve future generations. Since Nominet generates excess revenues over its running costs it has a Trust that allocated funds to worthy causes with an Information Technology dimension.

Livetech has just been accepted as the newest member of Nominet and is looking forward to continuing to play our part in the development of the Internet in North Wales and throughout the UK, as we have been doing since 2000.

Why not check out the recent article from The Telegraph featuring Helen Tomes from Nominet talking about why having a website is so important and Social Media is not enough on its own. 

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