Livetech Drone & Aerial Photography Services | North Wales and UK

Drone Filming, Aerial Photography and Survey Services North Wales 

We use the latest UAV/Drone technology to capture professional and smooth HD and 4k resolution aerial footage. Livetech set up this service with the aim of offering affordable but professional drone services.

Utilising different editing software, we are knowledgeable in how to create the look that you want – fully using post production to  get the most from the footage.

We can record in almost any location; first we carry out the essential checks of the area and the existing environmental and aerospace restrictions. We also have a full range of conventional filming services to produce a compelling end product.

In the event of rain or strong winds it becomes impossible for us to fly so we will have to reschedule for another day. If it’s a one-off event and re-shoots aren’t possible, then we can refund the amount.

Aerial Surveys North Wales

If you require aerial property or structure surveys we are available to consult and carry out the required work,

Livetech Air are CAA Certified and fully insured.

CAA Licensed Operator North Wales

Fully Licensed and Insured for Commercial Aerial Photography Operations with the Civil Aviation Authority – CAA.