Year 13 - So Far So Good - Year 13 - So Far So Good -

Much has happened in the time since Livetech was formed in 2000, through a variety of office locations for the garage to our current marina based premises, via a wide variety of other locations!

Happily we can boast a large number of clients who have stayed with and grown with us over almost all of that period. Growing the company whilst maintaining a high quality of service is always a challenge. We have remained service oriented throughout and only grown steadily to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Find below some photos from our scrapbook of various things we have got up to over this period!

Web Design North Wales

Livetech Web Designers Scapbook

Still here….? Great! you can see a recent photo Tom our work experience student took while he was with us.. look we have even made it in to a desktop wallpaper, that thatyou will know what day it is as well as being given relaxing thoughts!

A different view in Livetech HQ