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Web design has come a long way in the decade or more we have been active with it. It is now a sophisticated medium able to target individuals and plug into their native behaviours.
Ubiquitous services such as search engines, gmail, smartphones and social media all allow potential entry points to our client’s websites, where skilful use of the available techniques can turn visits into user actions/purchases/influence. Our offerings are designed to provide a robust response to these commercial opportunities. This page is currently being re-developed but should grow to be a comprehensive sitemap of our current activities.

Web Design

Front End Design, built on client up-dateable platforms. Sites designed to inform, influence and cause to act. The sites have to do their job on various levels; to wow, convert and keep the customer returning.

Web Marketing

This is now a broad area including Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). The measurement tools available have never been better ensuring that you can deliver a compelling return on your investment. Email Marketing (sending newsletters and updates) offers an extremely cost effective way of keeping in touch with your customers, we manage these services for many clients…. more web marketing.

Web Site Management

Livetech can provide a compelling, effective and cost effective alternative to in house web site management. Our many web site management customers benefit from access to a knowledgeable team who work in partnership with your in-house personnel. Web management can be hugely time intensive for your in house staff, many hours of knowledge gathering can be lost with staff ‘moving on’ over time, causing a threat to the business.


Online shops are something we have been involved with from the very beginning, the sheer number of ways of doing a project can be bewildering, but it is the choice of initial platform that can be so vital strategically. Being experienced with the leading solutions puts us in a great position and also addressing issues such as integration with accounting and stock control systems which are such enablers for the enterprise… more Ecommerce.

Mobile Apps and Software Applications

Software Development and Mobile Apps is something hat we feel is integral with the rest of our offerings. Companies must embrace the latest opportunities these technologies have to offer, as customers increasingly expect and demand these products. Working with Livetech you can be sure that a project will be undertaken with clear objectives and measurable outcomes. We are registered Apple, Android and Blackberry mobile developers… more Mobile Apps


Branding and  Graphic Design are a key part of our design activities and work we are delighted to be able to offer. There has been a turnaround in the traditional creative agency model where print work used to take the lead and then web content was considered a bolt on. Web is now firmly at the centre of the picture and print materials must play their part and work to their strengths. We are delighted to offer the full range of print design products. These include brochure, business cards, letter heads etc.


Public Relations, Copywriting and Marketing Strategies at their purest are highly specialised disciplines. We work with a trusted network of professionals who work with us to provide outstanding solutions. In house we have a good grasp of the basic principles and can manage work to suit the available team members.


Training customers with the use of powerful web tools is something that is often included within the scope of a project. We periodically offer training workshops where a focussed area can be dealt with.

Web Site Hosting

Fast efficient web hosting with maximum uptime should be at the centre of your web provision. We provide a number of solutions from full dedicated servers to shared hosting services, all at competitive costs and fanatical support. We provide a very comprehensive service including control panel access, SSL certificates, managed firewalls and server monitoring. You always have a phone number to call 01492 591131 (07941 840862 out of hours) and you will get an instant response, any time of the night or day… more Web Hosting.

Email  Hosting and Support

I’m not sure why we have left this to last as Email is probably the most important web technology available to the enterprise. We have various options available all include webmail, mobile support and the other usual features, with the Livetech fanatical support.