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Our Services

Web design has come a long way in the decade or more we have been active with it. It is now a sophisticated medium able to target individuals and plug into their native behaviours.

Ubiquitous services such as search engines, email, smartphones and social media all allow potential entry points to our client’s websites, where skilful use of the available techniques can turn visits into user actions/purchases/influence. Our offerings are designed to provide a robust response to these commercial opportunities.


At Livetech we believe in communicating across a range of platforms for marketing and as the social media market has progressed, so have we. With expertise at gaining you extra likes on Facebook or a potentially crucial followers on Twitter.

Create a Website

Front End Design, built on client self management platforms. Sites designed to inform, influence and cause to act. The sites have to do their job on various levels; to wow, convert and keep the customer returning.


Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to give the best user experience, so here at Livetech we ensure that our SEO team stay on top of all the latest updates to keep your website visible in the search results.


Email Marketing

Since the inception of the World Wide Web, there’s been one form of marketing which has stood the test of time and that is email marketing – still one of the most effective ways of spreading your message to a mass audience.

Whether you’re trying to keep old customers in the loop with your most recent offers and advertisement or trying to convert new ones, there’s nothing more powerful than a well-balanced and informative message in an inbox to garner someone’s attention.


PPC Marketing

We can help you create an effective campaign using in depth knowledge of search engines and what people search for to attract the best audience. Pay per click web marketing is fast, efficient and effective. Nowadays there is pay per click advertising available on the big search engines and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Ecommerce Specialists

Setting up an online shop is an obvious business development that many of our clients have discovered to their great advantage. Enabling these online shops further through the most appropriate and current approaches is something we are committed to.