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Looking for SEO Chester? Being a North Wales company, we’re ideally placed to aid people interested in Search Engine Optimization in Chester.

This is a rich page (getting on a bit in age now, a little like the author) designed precisely to be found by people such as yourself and will equally demonstrate our ample abilities in this area! In fact Livetech are one of the most established companies in the region and have been working in this field for over 13 years.

Two aspects of SEO are the following:-

1: Optimization of pages to promote relevant keywords, with rich content (that people as well as search engines like)!

2: Link Building from other ‘important or relevant’ websites

Essentially, that’s SEO in a nutshell. However we are able to assist you further than most companies, thanks to tried and tested approaches, solid link building a content generation strategies and a network of directories we have built up.

We manage each directory, and we utilise an aggressive SEO campaign in order to get these directories as high as possible in search engines. These are just another way, along with your own website, that we use to promote your business.

We also have stringent rules for the directories, so much so that not everybody can (or will) be listed.

Directory Examples

Here are a few directories that we own and run that can be used to help you promote your business.

Chester And Cheshire – Chester and Cheshire are one of the leading Chester Tourist Guides on the internet. With the guide, we have written unique content about some of Chester’s leading tourist attractions, as well as guides on moving and living in Chester, finding work in Chester and a proportion of the directory is for local businesses, business listings and services both public and private.

Best of the BayBest of the Bay is a Colwyn Bay based web directory supporting Colwyn Bay businesses. The directory is bilingual and has a number of sections, both for locals in finding local tradesmen or tourists with a guide to accommodation, things to do and local events. The directory is content rich and any business that serves the need of Colwyn Bay can be added to it.

Care Wales – Care Wales is a heavily promoted and pushed directory for finding nursing homes in wales. Primarily concerned with the North Wales area, Care Wales is looking to expand to the South Wales counties to find information on care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care. Already achieving real results for Care Homes in North Wales, Care Wales is ideally placed to take your domiciliary care or care home business to a brand new audience.

Gogledd – Gogledd is our North Wales Online Community website, which has been in existance for a number of years. Gogledd contains a number of business listings for business along the North Wales Coast, as well as informative articles about living in North Wales. However, the site has active forum areas, which have a number of forums for a number of local towns and organisations, such as Colwyn Bay FC, March Hare Music, Llandudno Rugby Club and forums for Snowdon.

Loungeshopper Loungeshopper is our Shopping Directory with information on shops, both e-commerce and those that are offline, that sell their goods to residents and businesses in North Wales. Loungeshopper is one of the longest serving directories in Livetech’s collection, and is also one of the biggest, with real value added to the internet – a number of clients have reported an increase in orders since getting listed on the site.

Perfume Pro Perfume Pro is our directory that can help people find a place to buy perfumes online. Perfumes are listed by make, so you can easily find your favourite perfume by going by which online store stocks it. Also included are article introductions for each of the brands of perfume mentioned on the site, so even if you’re not familiar with the brand, you can get an idea of what it smells like.

Property North WalesProperty North Wales is our directory aimed at finding a home in North Wales. This website will put you in touch with the likes of estate agents, HIPS Providers, Conveyancing and Financial Advisors. Already own a house? Property North Wales can find you information on builders and tradesman, as well as contain guides on home improvement and buying a property overseas.

Visit LlandudnoVisit Llandudno is our excellent and well indexed site for Llandudno, North Wales. The site has indepth property listings so you can find a hotel or any sort of accommodation near Llandudno. There’s also information on things to do, places to eat and a tourist guide for Llandudno, as well as translations in multiple languages.

I want to be on these directories, where can I find out more information?

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