Google Penguin SEO Update - Google Penguin SEO Update -

Welsh Humbolt Penguin the View is Clear!

We have previously talked about the Google panda Update now its time to visit the penguin, not our web footed Linux pal or buddies at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, but this time the codename for a recent Google update. Following the recent Penguin SEO update that came down a few weeks ago from Google, a lot of site owners are wondering why there web site has dropped in the rankings.  It is generally accepted that the Penguin update was designed to target spammy  techniques (the Panda update was more about content quality), and while obvious ‘black hat’ tactics like keyword stuffing (yes some people still think it works) are easy to spot and fix, it’s not always as simple to find the ‘gray hat’ SEO tactics that might be contributing (or will inevitably with subsequent Google algorithm updates) to a search engine penalty.

Even if your web site site has managed to escape without an obvious penalty  so far, you should not relax, a penalty could be just around the corner. Each search engine update that Google (and other leading search engines) release gets a little better at catching and flagging sites that are in violation of the Webmaster Guidelines (think about it the guys at Google are pretty good at writing computer programs, you think you are smarter)?