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The Balance your Bobbies website is an integral element of this ground-breaking public engagement tool.

We are are proud to have played a major part in the development of a new initiative developed for North Wales Police and the North Wales Police Authority

The pioneering scheme invites North Wales residents to have their say and suggest how the local police force might allocate finite resources on a number of important issues, such as alcohol related problems, visible policing, drug crimes, dog fouling, vandalism & dangerous driving.

Upon inputting a postcode or location – the online users are guided to their individual wards, and can, anonymously, offer opinions on where the police should target their resources. The results are graphically displayed and updated collectively and shown both on a Ward & District level.

The user’s responses will then be taken into account at the various local levels when assigning policing priorities. The whole design is Welsh/English bilingual and designed to be as user friendly as possible.

Having been invited by North Wales Police to take the lead role for all programming, development, and back end technical solutions for the new Balance Your Bobbies Website – clearly demonstrates that Livetech’s technical expertise is robust, capable, and fully able to satisfy the most technically challenging of client briefs.

Technologies Used:   HTML,  Microsoft .NET technologies extensive use of XML feeds to pull in information from other sources.

Further Information and Latest Developments

Blackberry Interface

The system allows the public to engage on various local policing issues in a simple accessible way by allocating a set of priorities to their own policing  area. The member of the public has to adjust a set of sliders in order to ensure the resources are balanced and the resources are not under or over committed. This allows the public to engage and help set the agenda, whilst at the same time appreciating that there are sometimes difficult decisions to be made with limited policing resources. Once the information is submitted the member of the public is presented with aggregated results from other users in their area, a list of local policing team contacts and a ‘You Said We Did’ message from the local inspector.

As well as the website there is a ‘real world ‘ version taken to community events giving the public opportunity to allocate priorities with a counter system or with balls.

Recent online developments are with a mobile optimized website and launcher app, for the Blackberry 8900 that force officers use. Officers are able use this as a engagement tool on a one-to-one basis with the public or within a group situation.

'Paper Version' of BYB survey

We are also trialling an email capture system to allow the public to leave an email address, this will allow individual members of the public to be kept up to date on local policing matters in their area if they wish.

The system works on a ‘double opt-in’ system to comply with best practice with email communications, the Electronic Communications Act.

When a user signs up for regular information emails, they are categorised into their Local Policing Area, ensuring that they receive only content that is relevant to their area, as entered by their own Area Inspector.

Balance Your Bobbies in the Press

In the press

Further Information

Any technical enquires or relating to policing should be directed to North Wales Police. If you are a representative of a UK or overseas police force interested in finding out more about the Balance Your Bobbies System for use in your area please contact FAO Paul Levy at Livetech using the details on our contact page.