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New EU Cookie Law And What It Means For You

At the end of May 2012 the European Union bought in regulations which will allow users to be more informed about what cookies are and how they can be used. Read the full post.

Livetech are hiring.. a trainee web marketing executive! – Now Filled


Position Now Filled – 14 July 2012 Livetech are still  looking to recruit a trainee web marketing executive to work with the various web marketing projects  we have ongoing. More details to follow shortly but the role will involve many of … Read the full post.

Google Penguin SEO Update

Welsh Humbolt Penguin the View is Clear!

We have previously talked about the Google panda Update now its time to visit the penguin, not our web footed Linux pal or buddies at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, but this time the codename for a recent Google update. Following … Read the full post.

The Panda that takes its orders from California not China


Google decides who it puts high up on its search engines results according to set of complicated rules designed to give the user the best experience, this set of rules or formulae is called the ‘Google Algorithm’. From time to time Google makes changes to … Read the full post.