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Crimebeat North Wales

Crimebeat was started in 1992 by the High Sheriff of Derbyshire and is now a national charity to help young people develop projects to make their communities a safer place. Crimebeat helps establish safe and friendly communities aceoss the UK and the organisation is... Read More

PACT North Wales

Pact is the North Wales Police and Community Trust. PACT was first established in 1998 and works to support community initiatives. The Trust has a big impact on the quality fo life in North Wales by reducing crime and the fear of crime on our locla North Wales... Read More

Beyond the Traditional Web Designer – Client Relationship

As things move on in the world of the internet and on-line marketing it is vital that any company or organization move with the times. For our part we have found that the improvement in web tools have meant that our role is increasingly collaboration, training, idea... Read More

DBT Therapy

British Isles DBT Training is the sole licensed provider of training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) in Britain and Ireland. Providing a full range of courses throughout their region and a range of training media – books, DVDs and specialist services.... Read More

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